Fibroid Elimination Tool Kit


Got Fibroids? Look no further. The Fibroid Elimination Tool Kit is the perfect self healing kit design to help women eliminate Fibroids and Infertility through a transformative holistic approach of spirit, mind, body healing--leveraging nutrition change with meal plans, herbal supplements, and medical Qi Gong. From stress management to diet and more, the kit provides the necessary tools for lifestyle changes that have resulted in MRI-documented cases of women eliminating up to 50 fibroids without surgery and women conceiving and giving birth to miracle babies after being unable to conceive for 12 years.

As seen on "The Breakfast Club," we are THRILLED to announce that we have partnered with FIBROIDS & FERTILITY Coach Gessie Thompson (@CoachGessie) author of HOPE BEYOND FIBROIDS, which is featured as an ESSENCE (@ESSENCE) BEST READ FOR 2016, to launch our HOPE BEYOND FIBROIDS ELIMINATION PROGRAM! THIS is a replacement of our current 60-Day Challenge because after monitoring the needs of our patients, we realized that the missing piece to our program was the Coaching to address the spiritual and emotional drivers that fuel reproductive health diseases such as Fibroids and Infertility AND provide the accountability, community and support needed to achieve and sustain true FIBROID & INFERTILITY ELIMINATION. Documented program results to date have included one eliminating 50 fibroids without surgery and another having her miracle baby being unable to conceive for 12 years!

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