Fibroids Blue PerspectiveElectric pHood’s first Fibroid Elimination Kit protocol was designed to gradually eradicate uterine fibroids, cysts, polyps and teratomas by diminishing estrogen dominance, restraining aromatization (the conversion of anabolic hormones into estrogens) and inhibiting the production of inflammatory leukocytes, through the consumption of our powerful dietary supplements, and the implementation of the AMA Health estrogen-free diet, and Qi-Gong exercise lifestyle regimen. To date, the results have proven to be outstanding, but despite our successes we continued, and have now concluded our research in finding herbs to expedite the process.

Introducing the World’s ONLY all natural, fibro-cystic, tumor-eradicating herbal supplement, specifically formulated to efficiently dissolve large benign, and malignant tumors and growths from within and/or outside of the uterus. Fibrogen, as with the other Fibroid Elimination Kit formulas, does not cause any adverse side-effects, but quickly goes to work on tumorous and fibrous growths, whether benign or malignant. In other words, it stops and reverses even cancerous growths and restores optimal health to your body.

Fibrogen can be purchased as a stand- alone formula, but we strongly recommend that it is taken as part of our world famous “Fibroid Elixir Kit” herbal supplement protocol for maximum results.

The Fibroid Elimination Bible is exactly what your doctor should order, whether you are suffering from uterine fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, or any other reproductive disorder. The fundamental premise of The Fibroid Elimination Bible is that by creating the right conditions, your body will begin to naturally heal itself. How? Through removing the major toxins, and feeding your body essential, nutritionally-beneficial foods and natural, mineral rich supplements.

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