electric Health 30 Day Fruit Fast

Introducing the electric Health 30 Day Fruit Fast. This program is as close to a cure-all as it gets. This fast is an ideal initiator for those who have acute or chronic conditions, such as uterine fibroids, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension or any other inflammatory condition, or those who just want to turn around and break their life-long bad eating habits, and begin their lives as true vegans or - as we like to say here at electric Heath - herbivores.

If you suffer from fibroids, infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts (or any other estrogen dominance condition) and are already on the Fibroid Elimination Program, this fast, including the additional supplements, will enhance and expedite your elimination process.

The Culprits

Toxins and pathogens are deep-rooted within cells, tissues and organs, especially within fat (white adipose tissue). It is within the fat where pathogens such as white blood cells (mucus) and cytotoxins (such as estrogen) are produced and/or multiplied, and are released to wreak havoc upon the body through inflammation. The goal and objective of the 30 day fast is, therefore, to starve the fat, and dissolve the haven of parasites, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, spores, virulence – lions, tigers and bears – and pass them into the lymph, to be ejected from the body.

The Package $400.00 $350.00

The electric Health 30 Day Fruit Fast package includes: